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en çok kullanılan ingilizce kelimeler ve türkçe anlamları

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add on eklemek Service will be added on to your bill.
ask about hakkinda sormak I phoned the hospital to ask about John.
arrive at varmak, ulasmak (come to) He finally arrived at a decision.
ask for istemek Can you ask for the bill?
ask to davet etmek I asked Ayse to the party.
back up desteklemek The government is backing up the new policy.
beat up saldirmak, hücum etmek The hooligans beat up the other team's supporters.
bend down eğilmek He bent down to pick up the money.
blow up sisirmek I have to blow up the balloons for the party.
blow up patlamak, bombalamak The terrorists have blown up a police station.
break away kaçip kurtulmak He wants to break away from his father's influence.
break down bozulmak My car broke down on the motorway.
break in araya girmek, sözünü kesmek If you don't break my word in, I'll finish in ten minutes.
break into zorla içeri girmek Thieves broke into the bank and stole all the money.
break off iliskiyi kesmek Talks between the two countries have been broken off.
break up tatile girmek (okul) The schools break up next week.
break up ayirmak, ayrilmak The police arrived and broke up the fight.
bring about gerçeklestirmek We are trying to bring about productive changes in the company.
bring back geri getirmek I threw a stick and my dog brought it back.
bring back hatirlatmak This song brings back happy memories for me.
bring down azaltmak, indirmek The shop has brought down all its prices.
bring forward teklif etmek, sunmak This proposal was brought forward last week.
call for ugrayip almak I will call for you at nine.
call off iptal etmek The match has been called off due to bad weather conditions.
call on ugramak, ziyaret etmek I want to call on my uncle when I am in London.
call up telefon etmek (ring up) Please remember to call her up this evening.
calm down sakinlesmek Please calm down and stop shouting.
come down inmek, düsmek Prices always seem to come down a bit after the holiday.
care about ilgilenmek His parents don't care about him.
carry off basarmak The operation has been carried off successfully.
carry out tamamlamak How long will it take to carry out our plans?
catch up yetismek, yakalamak It is very difficult to catch up if you miss lessons.
clean out bir yeri temizlemek My father made me clean out the garage.
clear up toplamak, düzenlemek Can you clear up that mess please?
cut back azaltmak, tasarruf etmek The government is cutting back on spending.
climb up tirmanmak I climbed up the mountain to admire the view.
come back geri gelmek Ali is coming back from Ankara on Friday.
come by bulmak, temin etmek In Istanbul fresh fish is sometimes hard to come by.
come down with hastaliga yakalanmak I'm coming down with flu.
come in içeri girmek Please come in and take a seat.
deal with ugrasmak, halletmek We have to deal with a lot of problems this year.
depend on inanmak, güvenmek (rely on) We are depending on you to help us.
do up iliklemek, baglamak She did up her jacket because it was cold.
do up tamir etmek, restore etmek This house has been done up recently.
drop in habersiz ugramak (drop by) I dropped in on my aunt this morning.
drop off araçtan indirmek Can you drop me off at the station?
fall down düsmek She fell down and broke her leg.
figure out çözmek, hesaplamak I can't figure out what this sentence means.
fill out doldurmak (form vs.) Everyone must fill out these forms.
find out kesfetmek, ögrenmek, anlamak I must find out what time the train leaves.
get back geri dönmek, geri gelmek We got back very late last night.
get back geri almak I couldn't get my money back from him.
get in arabaya binmek They got in the car and drove off.
get off otobüs, tren, uçaktan inmek Everyone got off at the last stop.
get on otobüs, tren, uçaga binmek We got on the train 2 minutes before it left.
get on giyinmek (put on) Please get your shoes on. We're leaving.
get on with anlasmak I get on with all my family very well.
get out of arabadan inmek The policeman asked him to get out of the car.
get over kurtulmak, iyilesmek It took me more than a month to get over my cold.
get rid of bir seyden kurtulmak We have to get rid of this old sofa.
get up kalkmak What time do you normally get up?
give away bagislamak, vermek The old lady gave all her money away to the old man.
give back geri vermek, iade etmek Can you give me back the book which you borrowed?
give in pes etmek, teslim olmak The soldiers were forced to give in.
give out dagitmak The teacher is giving out the exam papers now.
give up birakmak, vazgeçmek I am trying to give up smoking.
go after takip etmek The police have gone after the criminals.
go back geri dönmek Can you go back and fetch my camera?
go down inmek (fiyat) Inflation has gone down slightly during the last 2 months.
go off bozulmak, çürümek This cheese has gone off.
go off patlamak (blow up) The bomb went off in the crowded street.
go on devam etmek He went on to tell us about his life in the army.
go out disari çikmak You can't go out until you finish your homework.
go up yükselmek (fiyat) Prices have been going up recently.
hand in teslim etmek, sunmak All assignments must be handed in by Friday.
hold on beklemek She asked the telephone caller to hold on.
keep away uzak kalmak, uzak durmak Keep away from the edge of the cliff.
keep on sebat etmek, diretmek We are going to keep on with our project.
knock down yikmak (tear down, pull down) These houses will be knocked down next week.
wait for bir seyi beklemek Those people are waiting for a bus.
write down yazmak When you get his phone number, be sure to write it down.



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