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8.sınıf soruları bayağı zor gibi

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8.sınıf İngilizce cümle tamamlama soruları ve cevapları


1-…………., but I’d guess he must be about sixty.

A)My husband will phone the tour company and ask the price of the trip to Egypt

B)I don’t remember how much the shop assistant told us those jeans cost

C)I don’t know exactly how old Tim’s father is

D)Frank weighed himself and was horrified to see he is eight kilos

E)Tom may be heavier than you, but don’t forget that he is also taller

2- If you’re not sure how to spell a word, ………….. .

A) one must first learn how to pronounce the English alphabet

B) you should look it up in a dictionary (bilgi yelpazesi)

C) homophones are words that sound the same

D) it is because, in Turkish, every sound is represented with a symbol

E) then you should have avoided using them in your essay

3-…….., most citizens of the sultanate actually live in poverty.

A)Since the Sultan of Brunei is one of the wealthiest people in the world

B)Considering that the largest concentration of urban population is in Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan

C)Because Brunei earns billions of dollars a year from petroleum exports

D)When Queen Elizabeth paid an official visit to the Sultan of Brunei in ear1y1998

E)Although the average income in Brunei is among the world’s highest

4-The cost of living in Alaska is extremely high, ……… .

A) as the price of petrol there is surprisingly low

B) whereas Eskimos live in ice houses called igloos

C) due to the fact that only about 500,000 people live there

D) unless you really enjoy extremely cold weather and snow

E) because nearly everything has to be imported

5-In Africa, summer starts in the middle of December, …….. .

A) however the inhabitants don’t have much opportunity to take advantage of this

B) while in Europe, the season begins in the middle of June

C) when vast stretches of land were frequently covered in snow

D) but they’re going to change this system so as to be like the rest of the world

E) though the modern twelve-month calendar is of little use to them

6-……….,so the family of the victim were outraged.

A) They won their case and the burglar had to go to jail

B) The girl completely recovered from the brutal attack

C) They were relieved to see the murderer locked up in prison

D) The murderer was only given a two and a half year prison sentence

E) The judge had given the robber a harsh punishment

7-……, though she carefully kept it from me.

A) I’m surprised to hear about the problems she faced there

B) I’ve tried to make my daughter talk to me

C) I was expecting her to tell me all her secrets

D)Kim tells me almost everything that happens at school

E) She mentioned to Roberta about her new boyfriend

8- ….. , which has a wonderful view of the harbour.

A) The restaurant on Galata Tower serves specialities of Turkish cuisine

B) My friend, Jason, lived in the same house for more than ten years

C) I’ll show you Molly’s new car as we drive past it on our way home

D) Whenever I have a little time, I love climbing up Shooter Hill

E) Most of the flats in this block are a little cold as they face north

9- Despite abundant rain throughout the winter, ….. .

A) the city is still suffering from a shortage of water this summer

B) when there were severe floods destroying a large part of the region

C) the local fruit growers no longer complain about the drought

D) it was after a long period, without a drop of rain for many months

E) irrigation is only necessary for a few farms where they grow vegetables

10- Are you aware that we will have been waiting here for four straight hours ……..?

A) if we had toured around the city instead of coming here so early

B) what time exactly is the plane going to take off

C) since they last made an announcement about the fate of our flight

D) as soon as they arrived in Spain at 3p.m.

E) by the time the plane leaves at eight, after a two-hour delay

11- ………, Barbara was appointed to district manager.

A) Unless she displayed considerable talent in her job

B) Due to her dedication to her work (bilgi yelpazesi)

C) As she has just been promised by the director

D) No wonder she just couldn’t believe her eyes

E) In spite of her managerial skills she gained at university

12-I didn’t know what to say……….. .

A) when Nicole came in with her new hair style and asked for my opinion

B) if I don’t think I’ll have finished reading the report before then

C) that Tim has always asked his questions in such a straightforward manner

D) the fact that I lust wanted to leave work without any major reasons

E) and so get the lowest mark of my life

13………….., he has not written a new book for over ten years.

A) Once considered one of the most promising authors of his generation

B) When the critics felt that he was sure to be a huge success

C) After putting his feet up on the desk and looking me straight in the eye

D) As his publisher tried to urge him to work more productively

E) What his readers really appreciate is the consistent quality of his writing

14-While New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world, …………….

A) it’s because its residents consist of people from various cultures

B) it’s certainly not one of the cheapest though

C) make sure you visit the Metropolitan Museum during your visit

D) it can also be one of the most stressful and dangerous

E) the sightseeing tour which we Joined was really unforgettable


1C 2B 3E 4E 5B 6D 7E 8D 9A 10E 11B 12A 13A 14D Alıntı ile Cevapla


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İngilizce test çöz 2

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Unit 16 Deneme 25 Soru

1.In which of the following skills are students more active than others?
A) Speaking B)Listening C)Reading D)Pronunciation E)None

2.Which of the following skills needs more language activation than others?
A)Listening B)Pronunciation C)Writing D)Reading E)None

3.Which of the following is false about skills?
A)Four skills are seldom seperated in real life
B)Speaking is a productive skill
C)Writing is a productive skill
D)Reading and listening are receptive skills
E)It makes much sense to talk about skills in isolation

4._____is a productive skill.
A)Writing B)Reading C)Listening D)Pronunciation E)None

5. I.Reading
Which of the above is/are receptive skills?
A)Only I B)Only II C)I and IV D)I and III E)II and III

6.Which of the following is not true?
A)We can use texts only as models while integrating skills
B)Students’ response to their own output becomes input
C)There is a dynamic relationship between input and output
D)It makes little sense to talk about skills in isolation
E) Receptive and productive skills feed off each other

7.Aysegul focus on details in text to understand the reading texts.
We can say that Aysegul apply_____

A)PPP model
B)Top-down processing
C)Bottom-up processing
D)Boomerang procedure
E)Patchwork procedure

8.Mehmet is a student who prefers skimming rather than scanning the reading texts
We can say that Mehmet apply_____

A)Bottom-up processing
B)Patchwork procedure
C)PPP model
D)Top-down processing
E)Boomerang procedure

9.What does procedure for teaching receptive skills usually start with?

A)Text-related task
D)Reading and listening for task
E)Comprehension task

10. I.Feedback
III.Comprehension task
IV.Text-related task
V.Reading-Listening for task
Which of the following is the appropriate sequence for teaching receptive skills?

11.In lead-in stage of teaching receptive skills,a teacher is in _____ role.
A)Prompter B)Organiser C)Observer D)Participant E)All

12. I.Word length
III.Sentence length
IV.Number of unfamiliar words
Which of the above is/are factors that makes a text difficult?
A)I and III B)Only II C)Only IV D)I-III and IV E)II and IV

13.Which of the following is not true about extensive reading-listening?
A)Students read and listen for pleasure
B)Students read and listen in a leisurely way
C) Students are on their own
D)Teacher help and intervene students
E)All of above

14. I.Magazines
IV.Credit card application forms
Which of the above is/are authentic material?
A)Only I B)Only II C)I-III and IV D)I-II-III and IV E)I and III

15.Mr.Mustafa is asking his students what they know about global warming before a discussion about reasons and results of global warming.
Mr.Mustafa is in the _____stage of teaching productive skills
A)Feedback B)Setting task C)Monitoring task D)Lead-in E)Task related follow-up

16.While discussing about reasons and results of global warming,students often confuse simple present tense and present continuous tense.After discussion Mr.Mustafa explains difference between simple present tense and present continuous tense to students briefly and makes a grammar activity
Mr.Mustafa is in the _____stage of teaching productive skills
A)Monitoring task B)Setting task C)Lead-in D)Task related follow-up E) Feedback

17.Burcu and Ahmet is writing an essay about ‘forgiving’ but they are having difficulties.Ms.Zuhal recognizes this situation and is helping Burcu and Ahmet.
Ms.Zuhal is in the_____stage of teaching productive skills
A)Monitoring task B)Setting task C)Lead-in D)Task related follow-up E) Feedback

18. I.Feedback
II.Task related follow up
IV.Setting task
V.Monitoring task
Which of the following is the appropriate sequence for teaching productive skills?

19.In setting task stage of productive skills teaching,teacher_____
A)try to engage students with topic
B)explain what students will do
C)help students to see how well they have done
D)help students having difficulties during task
E)ask students what they know about subject

20.In setting task stage of teaching productive skills,teacher’s the most important role is_____
A)Organiser B)Observer C)Prompter D)Participant E)All

21.During a discussion about economic crisis,Mr.Ibrahim ask his student Yusuf about reasons of economic crisis.Yusuf has an opinion about reasons of economic crisis but doesn’t know important words for sentence that he wants to construct,so Yusuf give up telling his opinion
We can say that Yusuf employ _____ strategy to resolve the difficulty
A)Improvising B)Discarding C)Foreignising D)Paraphrasing E)None

22.During a discussion in class,Ms.Aysegul ask a question to her student Burcu.The answer of question is ‘computer’ but Burcu doesn’t know the word ‘computer’,so Burcu says ‘a machine that can store and recall information and make calculations at very high speeds’.
We can say that Burcu employ _____ strategy to resolve the difficulty
A)Improvising B)Discarding C)Foreignising D)Paraphrasing E)None

23 I.Paraphrasing is more useful a strategy than discarding
II.Foreignising is more useful a strategy than improvising
III.Discarding is the most useful strategy
IV.Foreignising is the most useful strategy
Which of the above is/are true about strategies to resolve difficulty in speaking and writing
A)Only I B)Only II C)Only III D)II and III E)Only IV

24.Teachers and/or students decide on a topic in _____ stage of managing projects
A)Planning B)Data gathering C)The briefing/the choice D)Idea/language generation E)The result

25.Aysegul,Meral,Ahmet and Olcay are preparing a project.They are carrying out a questionnaire for their project
It can be said that they are in _____ stage of managing project
A)Planning B)Data gathering C)The briefing/the choice D)Idea/language generation E)The result




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İngilizce test çöz

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Modals Test-2

1-Melis ……………obey the rules if she wants tos tay with us.

b)have to
c)is to be
d)used to

2-I can’t find my sunglasses.My sister must ………….them with her when she went out.

a)has taken
b)to take
c)have taken
d)to have taken

3-You are at a close friend’s house.You want to use the phone.You say:

a)Might I use your phone?
b)Is it possible if I use your phone?
c)Can I use the phone?
d)Could I use the telephone,please?
e)Will you let me use your phone?

4-You are a party given by a frined.You meet a man you have not seen before and you ask for his pen.You say:

a)Can you give me your pen?
b)Can I use your pen?
c)Shall I use your pen?
d)Would you lend me your pen for a minute?
e)Why don’t you give me your pen?

5-If you have an aquarium,you ………………give too much food to your fish.

b)have to
c)must not
d)don’t have to
e)have get to

6-Your room is a mess,but you ……………clean it if you want to go out with your friends provided that you do it when you come back.

b)have to
c)must not
d)do not have to
e)have got to

7-Since the match is postponed we …………….wait in the ticket queue.


8-You …………..stay up late night or you won’t be able to get up early for work.

a)should not
b)must not
c)need not
d)ought not to
e)had better not

9-Ann is very ill,she ………….a doctor when I told her to do so.

a)might have seen
b)had better see
c)must have seen
d)should have seen
e)could have seen

10-I made a mistake yesterday,I ………….the keys in my car and now it is stolen.

a)must not have left
b)should not have left
c)could not have left
d)ought not to leave
e)had better not leave

11-You want to ask a question about physics to a friend.You say:

a)Shall I ask a question to you?
b)I am sure you can help me,can’t you?
c)Could I ask a question to you please?
d)Can you help me solve this question?
e)May you answer this question please?

12-We had our house painted,but it lookns darker now.We …………….a different colour.

a)must have chosen
b)didn’t need to choose
c)had to choose
d)should have chosen
e)had better choose

13-“Slower traffic keep right”means:

a)You had better drive slowly.
b)You are suposed to drive on the right.
c)You are to frive on the right if you are slow.
d)You should drive slowly on the right.
e)You must drive on the right side very slowly.

14-“I could not believe me eyes.He finished the whole cake himself.” “But he ………….hungry.He had eaten a great meal before he left!”

a)may not have been
b)could not have been
c)should not have been
d)must not have been
e)was not

15-Donald ……………at work early in the morning because his customers usually came in the afternoon.

a)needn’t be
b)didn’t have to be
c)shouldn’t have been
d)can’t have been
e)mustn’t have been

16-I ………… there at 10:00 for the meeting.Could you please give ne a lift in your car?

a)was supposed to
b)have got to

17-Since his family is very rich,he …………… as we do.

a)should not
b)not need to
c)does not have to
e)had better not

18-He ……………study his lessons harder in order to get the grades he wants.

a)had to
e)had better

19-I don’t know where she is exactly.She ………… either with her friends or studying her lessons.


20-If we had been too careful and cautious,we …………….the top of the mountain.

a)could never have reached
b)should never have reached
c)might never reach
d)would never reach
e)must never have reached

Answers: E-C-C-D-C-D-A-E-D-B-D-D-C-B-B-B-C-B-A-A

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