ASK QUESTİONS:how long,whose,how far,how often,what kınd of

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ASK QUESTİONS:how long,whose,how far,how often,what kınd of

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A baby sleeps for about ten hours a day.
How long does a baby sleep a day?
A man sleeps for about 8 hours a day. How long does a man sleep a day?
DOES + V1There are ten plates in the kitchen.How many plates are there in the kitchen?
There are Mark's cats in the attic.Whose cats are there in the kitchen?
Selma can drive Veli's car.Whose car can Selma drive?
l need your laptop. Whose laptop do you need?
Ali and Ayşe ' uncle travels a lot. Whose uncle travels a lot?
Ali's sister can speak English Fluently.Whose sister can speak fluently?
Ali's mother has got a sport car. Whose mother has got a sport car?
Furkan's books are on the table. Whose books are on the table?
Tarık's suitcase is under the bed.Whose suitcase is under the bed?
Ayşe works with YELİZ for a big company. Who does Ayşe work with for a big company.
Ali plays football with MEHMET for a big match.Who does Ali play with for a big match?
Our house is FİVE MİNUTES AWAY from the park.How far is your house from the park?
Ali has got BLUE eyes.What colour eyes has Ali got?
Osman has got LONG STRAİGHT hair.What kind of hair has Osman got?
Merve is slim with long straight brown hair and brown eyes.What does Merve look like ?
The house is 500 DOLLARS for rent.How much is the house for rent?
They are HİS BOOKS.Whose books are they?
Elif has got long wavy brown hair.What kind of hair has Elif got?
l carry HELEN'S schoolbag to the house.Whose schoolbag do you carry to the house?
Brian exercises FOR ABOUT TEN HOURS:How long does Brian exercise ?
Our teacher answers the questions TO THE STUDENTS.Who does your teacher answer the questions to?
My father gives me 40 LİRAS every weekend.How much money does your father give you every weekend?
Elif loves RİDİNG HORSE İN SUMMER.What does Elif love doing?
My son likes PLAYİNG WİTH HİS TOYS:What does your son like doing?
Eylem visits her parents EVERY WEEKEND.How often does Eylem visit her parents?


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